The Go Giver

Review of the Book: The Go Giver


This book is not a true story or full of tactics like most sales books / personal development books you find, but its a very enjoyable parable that is easy to read. Its a book of five lessons that everyone should learn that will help you transform from a go getter to a go giver, someone who builds the kinds of relationships where people can’t help but want to help you. Im trying to make my phone ring rather than dialing out and really need to implement some of these principles!

I read this at a pivotal time in my sales career. Ive spent nearly a decade being a go-getter and burning the candle at both ends to try to make a commission and my number. But no one cares about your commission. They are in for whats in it for them, and if you add value, you will be rewarded. One of the great lessons of this book is that one’s compensation is tied directly to the amount of value they add to the world.

Pick it up, its worth the read!

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