Can you take a hit?



In this video, Barbara Corcoran, from ABCs Shark Tank, shares what she feels is the secret to sales success, and the common trait that all of her top reps share. I saw this video today and it was quite inspiring. Ive been in the dumps lately not really knowing why. Someone posted this on LinkedIn and I really felt it. The biggest difference between her sales reps who make millions a year and those that are barely getting by is their ability to take a hit. Can you get rejected and not let it affect your positivity and your ability to pick up the phone? Well just so you know, Its been hard for me to pick up the phone for the last couple weeks. After seeing this video (and some other motivating things that happened in the office) I booked an appointment on my first contact. Wow, attitude really is everything! One of my favorite slogans in sales: Be happy for the no, you’re one step closer to the yes!


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